Gan Rei

A staid and hardworking smith of Denandsor.


Species: Human
Age: 37
Gender: Male
Profession: Blacksmith
Employee of Cedrick

Gan Rei is a stocky, muscular blacksmith of the old school, prematurely greying with a thick beard. He has dark bronze skin and prefers simple, rugged clothes.


Gan Rei is a simple man. He was originally a farrier in Great Forks, but decided to apprentice himself fully to a blacksmith because he sought more challenging work. His work was of a high enough quality and he attracted sufficient notice that he was eventually hired on as blacksmith to the Spear-Priestesses of Shield of a Different Day. When the invasion of Great Forks occurred, he was “relaxing” on Cherry Blossom Road, and ended up being swept up in the mass exodus of refugees.
Upon arriving in Denandsor, he was recruited into the Blacksmith’s Guild by Cedrick. Gan Rei served faithfully, and eventually stood out enough as a competent smith to be taken with the Denandsor Circle on the return trip to Great Forks and the journey to Nexus for the Grand Tourney.

Gan Rei

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