Fel Garen, the Shining Rule

A powerful Second Circle demon trapped in Denandsor.


Species: Demon (Second Circle)
Profession: Bound Demon

Fel Garen appears as a floating school of electric blue geometric shapes, lazily swirling around one another not unlike a mobile. When agitated or pleased, the shapes swirl faster. He has no analogue to a “head”, and when he speaks the voice simply emerges from the air somewhere near him.


Fel Garen was during the waning years of old Denandsor’s existence, bound in place to protect and keep safe a sorcerer’s library. Fel Garen claims to not remember much of these days, as it was a very long time ago and his memory simply does not retain everything, particularly as it pertains to humans. Every since then, he’s been forced to maintain his long and lonely vigil. In that time, he read the entire library several times over out of sheer idleness, and simply waited to be released from his task.
He was re-discovered by the Archaeological Society when the refugees of Great Forks arrived to resettle the city. When the scavenger lords breached the sanctum of his library, Fel Garen reacted much the way he was expected to- by slaughtering the puny humans who dared enter into his domain. As a tense standoff ensued, however, Fel Garen was given pause- considering that his orders were to protect and keep safe the library, would not these curious humans be able to access the library provided they did not damage or remove any of the books? Diamond Azure agreed to his offer, and the deal was set- the Archaological Society could study and copy the books in the library as they pleased, provided they did not remove or damage anything.
Fel Garen did not remain pleased with this situation for long, but not because of any infraction on the part of his now comrades. Rather, he overheard from scholars who were visiting the library that Denandsor was a city without slaves. Fel Garen realized that he could try for true freedom- something he thought would be impossible to realize without returning to Malfeas. So he begged for a moment of Diamond Azure’s time and made his pitch: if Denandsor truly did not hold to slavery, so too must he be set free.
After some consideration, the Circle chose to free Fel Garen provided he abides by the conditions offered to all slaves freed by the city of Denandsor- that he provide two years of indentured service to the city. Fel Garen agree to this condition just in time to be deployed against Ma Ha Suchi‘s army during the Battle of Denandsor. Fel Garen fought well, acting as something of a mobile anti-infantry weapon, and he was wounded quite badly twice over the course of the two-day battle.
Since the Battle of Denandsor, Fel Garen was able to rest on his laurels- in the absence of massive battles, there simply isn’t enough call for his unique abilities. Following the end of his two years of service, Fel Garen opened a bookstore. Now that Fel Garen is free, he seeks to be the one who controls the books rather than the other way around.

Fel Garen, the Shining Rule

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