Farul the Storyteller

An eccentric wanderer who collects tales and lore.


Species: Human
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Profession: Storyteller

Farul has typically southern features- coal-dark skin, curly ash-coloured hair, and a lanky, compact frame. He dressed in the colourful, light fabric robes typical of his birthplace, the city of Gem.


Farul is a wanderer and a storyteller who has crossed paths with the Denandsor Circle twice before, each time sharing tales of far-off lands and fantastic events. The first time was when the circle was first journeying to Denandsor in advance of the refugees from Great Forks, Farul had attempted to see the city of madness for himself but was rebuked by the miasma that had tainted the city. He then journeyed far to the north, where he met a Haltan fortune teller who informed him that the path to Denandsor was now open.
Farul returned south, and finally got to behold the famed City of Madness. He did not dally long, and after a brief encounter with Choir of Birdsong, chose to head West to explore the Imperial Isle. After a year of surveying the increasing chaos of that once-proud center of Creation, he returned to the South, before heading West to continue his circumnavigation of Creation.

Farul the Storyteller

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