Fallen Star

A legendary sorcerer-hermit.


Species: Lunar Exalted
Age: 894
Gender: Male
Profession: Gardener, Sorcery Tutor
Caste: No Moon
Mentor of Hundred Cunning Rabbit

Fallen Star appears to be a hale man of middle age, broad-shouldered and not unpleasant to look at, with a noble countenance. his skin is an extremely dark tan, and he keeps his salt-and-pepper hair cut short. He usually wears very simple, practical clothing, suitable for gardening.


Born in the late days of the Great Contagion, Fallen Star still remembers a world ravaged by the fall of the Solar Deliberative, and the subsequent iron fist of the fledgling Realm. Little is known of his early life and Exaltation, and he shares little about it.
Around 500 years ago, Fallen Star grew dissatisfied with the direction the Silver Pact was taking, particularly with regard to the Thousand Streams River plan. He believed strongly that it was the interference of the Exalted that was causing much of the tragedy in the world, and that a hands-off approach was better. When his protests went unregarded by the Silver Pact elders, he chose to wash his hand of the Pact entirely.
For hundreds of year, Fallen Star moved quietly about the east, living in peaceful hermitage. As time went on, his legend grew- his grasp of sorcery was too great for the Silver Pact to waste resources bringing him back into line. Young Lunars who sought him out for tutelage in the sorcerous arts were never turned away, unless they failed his periodic tests of patience and dedication.
About one hundred years ago, he tutored Hundred Cunning Rabbit in sorcery. When the trouble started between Ma Ha Suchi and the Denandsor Circle, he was sought out for aid by the Circle on Hundred Cunning Rabbit’s recommendation. He refused, on the grounds that it would violate his philosophy of extreme hermeticism. After being chewed out by the Circle and his latest student, Ejana Min Sho for failing to take a hand in events, he decided to abandon Great Forks. He only communicated his intentions to Jian Huren, who sought Fallen Star’s knowledge regarding the First Age.
Fallen Star’s current whereabouts are unknown.

Fallen Star

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