Faisa Loqun

A rogue Sidereal who secretly aided the Denandsor Circle.


Species: Sidereal Exalted
Age: 598
Gender: Female
Profession: Astrologer, Ronin
Caste: Mercury

In her natural form, Faisa is very ordinary seeming. Slender and of average height, with fair skin and pale green hair characteristic of the eastern coastal cities. She has the very striking eyes characteristic of the Sidereal exalted, hers drifting between a deep bronze to a burnished dark yellow. She prefers simple dresses, perhaps embellished with a little embroidery, and always wears a pair of starmetal bracelets on either wrist.


Faisa is a Sidereal on the run, having chose to abandon Yu Shan, the City of Heaven, and take a direct hand in the affairs of the world. She prefers to manipulate things from behind the scenes, taking a subtle hand in things. She does not speak of her early life or her time in service to the Bureau of Destiny, and frequently brushes off uncomfortable questions with the explanation “It’s complicated”.
She has confessed to manipulating events during the invasion of Great Forks so that the Denandsor Circle would form. According to Faisa, in the original version of events, Hidden Mercy was born in Thorns, and Exalted and then died during the rise of the Necromancer King. Jian Huren, Cedrick, Val and Diamond Azure would have Exalted separately, with Cedrick and Diamond dying during the invasion and Val and Jian dying due to separate Wyld Hunts sometime after. Faisa manipulated the weave of Fate so that Hidden Mercy was born in Great Forks instead, and then took on various personas in order to manipulate the rest of the Denandsor Circle to Cherry Blossom Road so that they would all Exalt at once. Unfortunately, because Choir of Birdsong was fated to die in the invasion and so wasn’t destined to receive a normal Exaltation, Faisa was unable to intervene with regards to her.
Since then, Faisa has kept a hands-off approach, but kept close tabs on the party. She has hinted that the reason why the Denandsor Circle has so many capable servants is also due to her manipulation but has withheld any specifics.
She only made her presence known to the Denandsor Circle when a squad of assassins was dispatched from Yu Shan to kill her. She came to Cedrick and pledged her service as an advisor and astrologer in exchange for protection from those who wish to slay her.
Faisa accompanied the Denandsor circle when they left to visit the Bear Tribe and Arilak the Unseen, before attending the Battle of Chaya alongside Cedrick. It was because of Faisa’s contacts that the Circle was able to find Arilak’s Rainbow Palace in the first place.
Before the Battle of Chaya, Faisa made a divination, and warned Jian that his death “was close”. Whether this fate referred to the duel with Urumi the Ribbon-Blade or the assassination attempt by Bromstadt the Murder is uncertain, but somehow the death was averted.
During the Battle of Denandsor, Faisa generally stuck to Cedrick’s side. She convinced him to retreat when he was wounded by Bromstadt the Murder, and later fought alongside him to take out some Essence projection weapons that the Ape Tribe had mounted on some war elephants. Later, when she and Cedrick were searching for the Imperial Warstrider with Crimson Princess and Blue-235, her assassins finally made a move, only to be slapped down by Crimson Princess and Cedrick.
During the Sand Turtle Festival, when the Denandsor Circle was stranded briefly in the Southwest, Val questioned Faisa over her feelings for Cedrick. Faisa replied that she was just happy that Cedrick was happy, and she was willing to wait because she has other, far more important priorities.
Those other priorities made themselves known immediately. Shortly after accepting a position as advisor to the Denandsor Council, Faisa began making a series of short trips away from Denandsor, never more than a season at a time. Somehow, she always seems to be back just in time to give advice on some particularly important issue, or even minor issues that end up having greater impact later down the road.

Faisa Loqun

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