Eye and Seven Despairs

The mad Deathlord, Lord of Endless Regret


Species: Deathlord
Gender: Male
Master of Insidious Taste of Venom
Former Master of Choir of Birdsong

In his “natural” form, Eye and Seven Despairs appears as a desiccated corpse clad in soulsteel armor, with eyes that seem disturbingly alive. One arm has been completely replaced by a soulsteel necrotech prosthetic called The Fatal Arbalest of Quietus and Eclipses. He is known to take other forms.


All the Deathlords are shrouded in mystery, and The Eye and Seven Despairs is no exception. What does make him stand out is the outright madness of his actions. He presides over the Bayou of Endless Regret, a 1,000 square mile large shadowland in the southeastern swamps, from a fortress named the Cold House. However, his territory, vast as it is, is largely ignored because of it’s distance from civilization, and is constantly eaten away at the edges by the other Deathlords. Eye and Seven Despairs does little to oppose them, or even to further the plans of the Neverborn.
Instead, he whiles away his time playing elaborate mind games with his Abyssal Deathknights, tormenting them in elaborate webs of deceit until they turn on one another in an explosion of violent paranoia. The only deathknight that currently serves the Lord of Endless Regret that escapes this continuing melodrama is an assassin known as the Insidious Taste of Venom, who gets by with paying the barest lip service to his master while furthering his own agenda in the Underworld.

Eye and Seven Despairs

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