Eloquent Panther

A martial artist who was Ma Ha Suchi's protege.


Species: Lunar Exalted
Age: 137
Gender: Male
Profession: Martial Artist
Caste: Full Moon
Protege of Ma Ha Suchi
Blood Brother of Stone Rhino

A tall though otherwise plain man, Eloquent Panther has the look of the Imperial Isle— raven-black hair and fair skin. He dressed in a style reminiscent of the Immaculate Order, and always had on him The Article of Worship, a moonsilver serpent sting staff that could shapeshift into a string of prayer beads.


Eloquent Panther was a servant of Ma Ha Suchi who was acting as the steward of Shattered Hearth. While he was polite, it was ruse to lure the Denandsor Circle into a false sense of security. During the actual ambush, he attempted to engage Jian Huren in single combat, but was killed by an arrow fired by Choir of Birdsong.

Eloquent Panther

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