The humble elder of a Chayan village.


Species: Human
Age: 68
Gender: Male
Profession: Village Elder

Amandei is a wispy old man, frail but determined not to be a burden on those around him. He possesses a strength of will that belies his feeble exterior and mild manner. While his hair has long gone white, his skin is a deep bronze. He wears the simple, lightly dyed cotton robes that form traditional Chayan garb.


Amandei has been elder of his village for many years, and in fact may be one of the oldest Chayans alive. He has a great care for his people, and makes sure to keep them safe by keeping outsiders at arm’s length. Still, he is not completely oblivious to the advantages of alliance and trade, and was willing to negotiate a trade pact with the people of Denandsor, bartering Chayan crops for Denandsor tools.
When he received word that the Company of Talons was raiding and pillaging Chayan villages, he ordered his small community to take in as many refugees as possible. He then set off, alone, on the month-long trek through the jungle to contact his allies in Denandsor. While he is a decently skilled survivalist, mostly it was his incredible force of will that carried him through, and he finally was able to kneel before the Council of Denandsor to beg their aid.
Amandei returned to his village with the section of the Denandsor Army sent to save them from the Company of Talons. During the actual battle, he remained in the village, and was instrumental in helping Cedrick keep the villagers calm once battle was joined. Afterwards, Amandei professed the belief that the Chayan tree-gods must have blessed the Chayan-Denandsor alliance, because the curse didn’t affects the Denandsor soldiers.
Elder Amandei then moved to Denandsor with many of his people, looking to start a new life in the city.
Since the Battle of Denandsor, Elder Amandei as been a symbolic leader of the local Chayans. While he’s never taken political office, he is very influential among the Chayans, and does his best to see to their best interest. He is taken care of by a few relatives who also moved to the city, but has long since retired from “real” work.


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