Ejaz, the Coral Prince

Master of the Western Seas!


Species: Solar Exalted
Age: 4
Gender: Male
Profession: Sailor, Pirate, Merchant, Admiral, Adventurer
Caste: Eclipse

Ejaz seems far more youthful and vibrant than his age would indicate, and his booming voice and bombastic energy make him dominate whatever room he is in. He has ebony skin and a long ponytail of coral blue hair, and dresses extravagantly to match his personality, in brightly-coloured silks and excessive jewelry. In addition to his extravagant clothes,he also wields an orichalcum wavecleaver daiklaive named Stormbreaker.


Ejaz is such a raconteur that it’s difficult to get a handle on precisely what his history is. He tells enthusiastically embellished and often conflicting stories of his life, and his followers seem to be “in on the joke”, telling their own wild tales of the Coral Prince’s adventures. What is known is that Ejaz is the admiral of a fleet of ships, and seems to switch between mercenary work, piracy and merchantry depending on his mood. While most of his tales are extravagantly out of proportion with reality, it is verified that no less than three organizations have active bounties on Ejaz’ head- the Guild, the Realm and the Lintha pirates all want him dead.
There are a few other facts that can be surmised. He is very rich, and owns a fleet numbering a dozen ships or more. He knows at least one Exalted weaponsmith, as the wavecleaver is a style of sword that didn’t exist until the Second Age yet Ejaz owns one made of orichalcum. The flag of his fleet featured a coral pink sunburst on a field of ocean blue- whether this is a symbol meant to evoke the Unconquered Sun or simply a taunt towards his enemies is a matter of debate.
He did participate in the Grand Tournament of Nexus, although he didn’t get very far. When approached by Cedrick about providing aid to Denandsor, Ejaz replied that he wasn’t comfortable leaving the sea for too long, but if Denandsor had need of ships at any point they could contact his fleet.

Ejaz, the Coral Prince

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