Ejana Min Sho

A mortician of Sijan turned itinerant sorceress.


Species: Solar Exalted
Age: 27
Gender: Female
Profession: Mortician
Caste: Twilight
Friend of Hidden Mercy
Former Solar Bondmate of Fallen Star

Ejana is a slender woman, on the short side, with thin, pale-green hair she keeps tied back in a bun. Her skin is a light olive, and with her pale green eyes gives an impression of being washed-out or faded. She usually wears the white robes of her former order, and when she does feel moved to violence fights with a simple wooden staff.


Ejana was born in the funerary city of Sijan, and was raised among the warrior-priests known as the Morticians. The morticians do more than give last rites and prepare bodies for burial, and are known as fearsome hunters of the undead and exorcists. Ejana is no exception, and the rare few times where she displays any sort of passion is when fighting the restless dead.
Ejana has more than a little kinship with the Denandsor Circle, having received her Exaltation during the Lookshy invasion of Sijan. Having Exalted alone, however, she was left to figure many things out for herself. Eventually, she made her way to Great Forks, where she caught the eye of Fallen Star and began studying Sorcery under him.
She was still a student of Fallen Star when she met the Denandsor circle. While Fallen Star refused to be moved by the party’s pleas, the same could not be said for Ejana, who then fell in with the party and agreed to aid in the defense of Denandsor against Ma Ha Suchi.
Ejana participated in the Grand Tourney of Nexus and did quite well for herself, only falling against Jian Huren in the late rounds of the tournament. After Sweetmilk‘s death, she delivered the swordswoman’s remains to Jian and attempted to provide what comfort she could.
While her quiet nature made her overlooked in the party at first, following the tournament she was gradually treated with greater acceptance. She is friends with Hidden Mercy, and has been sought for advice by a few other members of the Denandsor Circle.
In preparation for the Siege of Denandsor, Ejana summoned up a large party of Blood Apes to aid in the defense. She and Choir of Birdsong deployed their Blood Apes against the Ape Tribe, temporarily blunting their offensive and killing many of the Feathered Warriors, the elite warriors of the Ape Tribe. When the two Exalted were attacked by a pair of Lunars in the offensive, Fallen Star revealed himself to defense the pair and order Ejana back from the front lines.
As it turned out, Fallen Star was Ejana’s Lunar Bondmate, and had been following her since she left Great Forks. Now that Fallen Star felt he had to reveal himself to protect her, Ejana dug in her heels and refused to abandon Denandsor, forcing Fallen Star to remain and fight alongside the forces of Denandsor. While Ejana did not stand out thereafter among the Exalted defenders of the city, but by forcing Fallen Star to defend Denandsor she had a tremendous effect on the battle.
After the Siege, Ejana declined an invitaton to stay in the city. She wanted to continue traveling and studying Sorcery abroad, with a small hope of running into Fallen Star’s next incarnation. She stays in touch with Hidden Mercy, and when last heard from was traveling the North.

Ejana Min Sho

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