"Eagle-Eye" Huan

The leader of Jian's scout corps.


Species: Human
Age: 40
Gender: Male
Profession: Soldier (Lieutenant)
Subordinate of Jian Huren
Friend of Kyon the Silveraxe

Lanky and tall, Huan has a farmer’s rough complexion and dark brown skin. His hair is wavy and light auburn in tone. He’s never been the type to sit comfortably in military uniform, and while on duty wears only a light buff jacket. While off duty, he sticks to simple peasant clothes. Now that he’s missing the pinky, ring and middle fingers of his right hand, it’s unknown if he’ll ever get to wield his trademark longbow ever again.



Huan was born at a farming family in a satellite village serving the great port city of Celeren. Huan was bored with the farming life, and spent much of his time hunting or wandering the wilderness. When a recruiter came through his village, levying a single soldier from each household to join the Celeren military, he was the natural choice, and due to his natural leadership skills was soon made sergeant of an archer company.
Eventually it became clear to Huan the nature of the Celeren military- if you weren’t a Marukan or at least one of the Celerenese nobility, your chances for advancement were slim. So when Huan’s term of service was over, he chose to shoulder his bow and sign on with a mercenary company instead of remaining with the army or returning home.
While the sellswords he signed on with were good, they were eventually wiped out during a contract that went south. Huan survived by relying on his excellent survivalist skills, and in retreat eventually fell in with Jian Huren’s small mercenary band. Jian had his own losses from the same battle, and Huan easily settled into his new band.

Invasion of Great Forks

Huan was present during Lookshy’s invasion of Great Forks and helped escort the refugees to Denandsor. Once Jian began forming the army of Denandsor, Huan was placed in charge of a scouting corps that had very strict requirements to join. While Huan feels a little guilt for only accepting scouts who pass a test that he would have a hard time with, but he understands how pressed for skilled officers the army is.

Season 1: Burn the Past

Huan was present at the Battle of Chaya, where he fought in on the western front with Kyon the Silveraxe and Yorei Aruto. While he emerged from the battle unscathed it was not due to any lack of trying on the enemy’s part. Since the battle he has a new respect for the rogue Lunar warrior, and the two have begun a battle-tested friendship.
During the Battle of Denandsor, Huan and his scouts were sent to battle at the very front lines with Cedrick and the Dog Tribe. Although he and the other scouts fought bravely, that part of the battle quickly because a rout. It was at this time that he lost part of his right hand to a Tiger Tribe warrior’s waraxe, and is now missing three fingers. He was evacuated to the Fortress-Manse by the Healer’s Guild, and there he sat out the rest of the battle.
Since the Battle of Denandsor, Huan has remained part of the military in his role as commanding officer of the scouts. He has been learning to switch to his off-hand when it comes to his sword, but he is no longer capable of proper archery.
While Huan made the journey to Sand Turtle Island, the majority of the visit he kept to himself.

Season 2: Against the Tide

When the Denandsor Circle departed for Celeren in order to intervene in the Lookshy invasion, Huan was brought along to help represent the Denandsor military. The scout captain has been sharpening his combat skills, trying to keep up despite his crippling injury. Unfortunately, when Huan went with Yushoto Lin and Ping to get information out of the Sejong Clan, he wound up too drunk to participate in the counterattack against the Lookshy Navy.
While on the march to the Battle of the Soulbroken River, Huan ended up confiding to Jian that he was having trouble at home with an unnamed lover, and so Huan was glad to be out of the city for a time. The trouble, apparently, was that Huan was spending far too much time in the field with the scouts and so was having trouble maintaining relationships at home. Ironically, soon he would have an excuse to stay close to home as during the battle, he took an arrow in the knee and now could no long move faster than a walk. Finally Huan had enough, and he was willing to volunteer for a desk job.
Given his newfound mobility issues, when asked to name his reward by the newly-crowned Queen Xinyi Wu-Tao, he asked for a fine Marukani horse, so that he could at least get about town without too much difficulty.
Huan sat out most of the remaining conflict against Lookshy, resuming his post as lead scout. He mostly occupies a bureaucratic and leadership role now, but occasionally makes time to show the new recruits a thing or two.

"Eagle-Eye" Huan

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