Diamond Azure

Archaeologist; Explorer; Warrior; Scholar; Denandsor City Councillor


Previous Incarnation: The Lord of Fellara
Boss of Matoche, Hanu, Tasu, Qiu De, and Rashida

Evangeline ‘Diamond’ Azure

Species: Solar Exalted
Caste: Eclipse
Age: 36
Gender: Female
Profession: Archaeologist; Leader of the Archaeological Society of Denandsor; Advisor of Denandsor City Council; Adventurer; Solar Exalted; Occasional Fighter; Horselord; Dean of the Denandsor Academy

Diamond is a slightly taller-than-average (but only by a hair) woman of a darker complexion, both from birth, and having explored many a different area of the world. It could fairly be said she has an athletic build, one that comes of much hiking, scaling difficult terrain, and facing environmental difficulties such as thunderstorms, floods, dust storms, and the like. She is known for her practical clothing, preferring to wear things such as leather jackets, rugged shirts and pants, and going through a pair of hiking boots roughly every month or so. She tends to keep her hair short out of practicality, but will tie it back when she doesn’t get the chance for having it cut. She occasionally carries a whip, but nobody is quite sure why. (If questioned, she just shrugs and says you never know when you need it.) Otherwise, she almost always has her flame piece holstered on her back and a short sword at her side.

She is fairly wealthy at this point, but almost makes a point of not flaunting it, preferring to donate quietly to both the Archaeological Society and other causes local to Denandsor. She lives in a regular house in Denandsor, a two-floored elegant (but not showy) house that has a spare room for anyone dropping by in need of a bed, such as her staff or a friend. It’s decorated with many of the artifacts she’s kept personally, although all are just out of reach, or carefully watched while others are around. Her house security is a significant expenditure, as most of her artifacts can’t easily be replaced, or are simply irreplaceable.


Diamond Azure

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