Daxiao Din Alun

The lively daughter of Liuchan Din Alun.


Species: Human
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Profession: Student
Daughter of Liuchan Din Alun
Friend of Rashida and Qiu De

Liuchan’s daughter is still plump with puppy fat and easy living, but already beginning to show the fine-featured good looks she will have as she grows into a woman. She wears a lot of very fine silks and elaborate brocade, but whether that is her own taste or not is questionable. She has a mix of Easterner and her father’s Southerner traits- she inherited her father’s dark mahogany skin and dark eyes, but has a curly tangle of mint green hair.


Daxiao is the daughter that Liuchan sent to be a student of the Archaeological Society, in a not-at-all subtle attempt to a-rrange a marriage between her and Qiu De. While she was initially forced into the role of student, she did find her calling at the Denandsor Academy. While she has none of her Qiu De’s experience with fieldwork or Rashida’s facility with languages, she does possess a love of calligraphy and and joy for reading that makes her an excellent researcher.
While initially Rashida and Daxiao had a standoffish relationship, the two have warmed up to one another in recent years, forming an unlikely friendship. Most days see the former slave girl and rich merchant’s daughter reading books together in one of the public squares, or discussing history and philosophy in the Academy library.

Daxiao Din Alun

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