Crimson Princess

A proud and haughty Dragon-blooded swordswoman


Species: Dragon-Blooded
Age: 28
Gender: Female
Profession: Soldier (Lieutenant)
Caste: Fire
Twin Sister of Ghost River
Lover(?) of Cedrick
Subordinate and Former Lover of Yushoto Lin

Tall and lithe, with long, thick, bright red hair cascading halfway down her back, Crimson Princess is stunningly beautiful and makes a dominating presence wherever she goes. She’s the kind of person that always seem to speak louder than everyone else around her. When she’s geared for battle, she wears an old, beaten-up set of lamellar armour, and wields a slashing sword into battle, two-handed. While she’s rarely not ready for a fight, when she does relax she prefers fine clothing that shows off her figure.


Crimson Princess knows little of her birth, only that she was not the child of the man she came to know as her father. That father was the captain of a mercenary band known as the Wolfguard, and had adopted Crimson Princess after finding her in the aftermath of a battle. The girl grew up around soldiers, and was taught warcraft and swordsmanship from a very early age.
When Crimson Princess was a teenager, her adoptive father fell in battle. The Wolfguard was never the most disciplined and lawful of mercenary bands, so in order to protect herself Crimson Princess had to take on an extremely aggressive and confident persona. She was always competitive, and the act that Crimson Princess put on made her feel good, so the persona became less and less of an act as time went on.
Her life changed when, during a drought of available work, the Wolfguard were raiding an Immaculate Order monastery for loot. One of the acolyte monks looked strangely similar to her, and immediately the two felt a connection. Over the course of the battle, they both Exalted, and while fighting one another, discovered that they were both orphans of the same age, who had been found in the same general area by two separate people. They escaped the battle together, leaving the mercenaries and the monastery alike to their fate.
Ever since that day, the twins have been inseparable, a pair of Dragon-Blooded mercenaries, the belligerent swordswoman and the sly, clever martial artist who was her constant shadow. Eventually, the two were between jobs when they heard of the Nexus Grand Tourney, and chose to try their luck.
Crimson Princess fought exceptionally well in the Tourney, and was eliminated in the semifinals, earning herself quite a tidy sum of prize money. It was also at this time that she began a somewhat complicated courtship with Cedrick, where she constantly challenges the Exalted blacksmith to prove himself to her and treats him as a servant.
At the end of the tourney, she dramatically invaded the home of Liuchan Din Alun, where Cedrick was staying, and planted an enourmous brick of red jade at his feet. Agreeing to aid Denandsor in the meantime, she hired Cedrick to forge her a sword “that can cut mountains and slay gods”.
Crimson Princess left the Battle of Denandsor unhappy. Not only had she missed the battle at the Chayan village, she sat out the hottest parts of the Battle of Denandsor due to being on the “Lunar-Hunting Squad” and then volunteering to escort Cedrick to the Imperial Warstrider. She did get to test her mettle (and triumph) against one of the Sidereal assassins who made an attempt on Faisa Loqun‘s life, she was dissatisfied overall.
She began taking her frustration out on Cedrick and Faisa both, which eventually culminated in a confrontation with Cedrick when the Denandsor Circle traveled to Sand Turtle Island. Cedrick threatened to leave Crimson Princess, which led Crimson Princess to drunkenly tell the blacksmith about her background and why she wasn’t changing for anyone. While this seemed to mollify Cedrick, nothing was truly resolved.
When Cedrick and herself completed work on the God-Cutter, a red jade reaper daiklave made for Crimson Princess, he offered her a choice- him or the sword. Instead of making either choice, Crimson Princess instead called the smith out for “playing games” with her. She discarded the God-Cutter by throwing it (sheathed) first at Cedrick, then at her brother, before requesting a transfer to Shattered Hearth to serve under Yushoto Lin. Surprisingly, she hasn’t spoken to either her brother or Cedrick since.
Crimson Princess ended up joining the Denandsor army after the fact, and Jian placed her in charge of a unit of his most aggressive shock troops. Calling themselves the Crimson Court, they have spent most of the past two years near Shattered Hearth, fighting beastmen raiders under the command of Yushoto Lin. She also teamed up with Lin to hunt the Fair Folk Rakshasa that escaped the Siege of Denandsor.

Recently Cedrick has tried to make amends with Crimson Princess. Asking for help from Sweet Word of Ravens so that she would write something nice for him. Offering her the God Cutter again; and an apology. Cedrick told Crimson Princess a secret about it that she did not know. She has accepted the sword at the very least.

Crimson Princess

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