Chao Dun

A Patrol Sergeant of the Denandsor City Guard


Species: Human
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Profession: Guardsperson (Sergeant)
Husband of Violet Blossom
Partner of Vesiri
Subordinate of Jun Wei

A stocky young man with dark copper hair, olive skin, and pleasing if forgettable features. He is normally seen wearing the garb of a Denandsor Army officer- lamellar armour and a straight sword- but at home he is known to wear unpresumptuous, simple clothes.


Chao Dun was the apprentice of a shoemaker in Great Forks, born to a large family of craftsmen and minor merchants. He escaped Great Forks in the first wave of refugees following the Lookshy invasion, and was subsequently one of the earliest recruits to Jian‘s fledgling army. His membership in the army was unremarkable- he never attempted to try out for Jian’s scout corps- until Jian and Cedrick began their co-operative arrangement where soldiers would spend time working with the Blacksmith’s Guild.
It was while working the forges of the Blacksmith’s Guild that Chao met Violet Blossom, an ex-prostitute-turned-smith that was known for her bitter outlook and poor attitude. Somehow, the eternally agreeable and optimistic Chao Dun managed to convince Violet Blossom to soften, and the two began a short but passionate courtship, before finally marrying in the month of Resplendent Fire. Chao Dun them was promoted to Sergeant as a wedding gift, partly on Jun Wei‘s recommendation and partly out of sheer desperation for officers.
Chao Dun is an odd officer, being only mediocre in combat and not much of a typical military leader. He does have a reputation for honesty, trustworthiness, and discipline that makes him stand out from his peers, and a generally optimistic outlook. His soldiers are among the most disciplined in the army not because their officer is an inspiration or even a conventional taskmaster, but because Chao Dun treats them fairly and always rewards good work.
Dun was barely involved in the Battle of Denandsor, and while he did see action towards the end of the battle when aquatic beastmen used the city’s aquifer to infiltrate beyond the walls and ambush the guards within the city, he emerged unscathed. However, Chao Dun decided he had his fill of battle, and when the Denandsor military was reogranized, he chose to join the city guard.
Since the Battle of Denandsor, he and Violet Blossom has given birth to one child, a boy, and have another child on the way.

Chao Dun

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