Brother Haiken

The dedicated leader of the Healer's Guild


Species: Human
Age: 38
Gender: Male
Profession: Council Member, Healer, Priest of Malfu

Brother Haiken is a tall, weedy man who is often dressed in the elaborate ceremonial robes that he wears as a priest of Malfu, the god of wine. He is paler than most Easterners, his skin being a light olive tone, but he still has the characteristic Eastern brown hair.


Brother Haiken was born as part of a rich merchant family in Great Forks, and spent much of his youth and early adulthood whiling away his time with the pleasures of the flesh- whores, wine and opium ruled his time. Following a minor scandal where he embarrassed his family at a Guild function, he was forced to join a priesthood, any priesthood, as a means of saving face and functional exile from his family. He chose the priesthood of Malfu not from any real sense of worship, but because he imagined life as a Malfu priest to be one long drunken bender. To his surprise, the Priests of Malfu take every use of wine as holy- including wine’s power to prevent infection deaden pain for surgery, and provide a safe alternative to drinking water. The Priests of Malfu are renowned as some of the finest healers in the East, and following that tradition Haiken was forced to clean up his act and become a skilled healer.
Brother Haiken was among the first wave of refugees to arrive in Denandsor, having been driven from Great Forks during Lookshy’s invasion. While on the march, he was pained to see many of his fellow refugees fall to otherwise preventable illnesses, including an outbreak of dysentery that killed many of the children and elders among them. Upon arriving in Denandsor, he organized his fellow Priests of Malfu and whatever other skilled healers he could find into a organized clinic, so as to serve the refugees of Denandsor. This group grew over time into the Healer’s Guild.
While Brother Haiken was initially going to pass on joining the Denandsor Council, he changed his mind when Prelate Maiyun began attending. He recognized the scheming old harridan from her days as a Guild Factor, before her retirement, and joined to prevent her from gaining a controlling influence over the Council. While he often opposed Prelate Maiyun on principle, he was otherwise a moderate on council.
Ever since the Battle of Denandsor, where Brother Haiken spent time in the field alongside the Healer’s Guild, working as hard as anyone to save lives with his art. Since then, he’s taken on more of an administrative role, as recruits from the Chayans and the Dog Tribe swelled the ranks of the Healer’s Guild.

Brother Haiken

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