Brother Wu Gan

A former refugee turned mendicant monk.


Species: Human
Age: 47
Gender: Male
Profession: Wandering Monk, Priest of Pyrren Chogu

Brother Wu Gan is a fit but average-looking monk, wearing the pale orange robes of his faith. He has seen much in his time, and his deeply lined face makes him seem older than he actually is. His skin is a deep olive, and he keep his head meticulously shaved clean. Wherever he goes, he bears only a begging bowl and the lantern-staff of his order.


Brother Wu Gan is an odd case, one of the few refugees to abandon Denandsor within a year of arriving there. Known to be an accomplished martial artist, Brother Wu Gan did not take kindly to the fact that Lookshy used his god’s festival as a cover to stage their invasion of Great Forks. When the newly re-founded city of Denandsor seemed to have no interest in taking back their old city or otherwise finding rebels to help fund a revolt, he chose to leave Denandsor.
After a brief stop off to check in with his home temple at Great Forks, he has since journeyed further north, and has recently been helping the poor of Sijan after they were invaded by Lookshy.

Brother Wu Gan

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