Brother Degata

A former monk and master of the Earth Dragon Style.


Species: Enlightened Mortal
Age: 63
Gender: Male
Preferred Martial Art: Earth Dragon Style
Sifu of Val

A short, heavily-built old man with white hair and a well-groomed beard, Brother Degata still wears the robes of the Immaculate Order. Like many of the Linowan people, he is pale with green eyes.


A loyal Immaculate monk for many years, Degata spent most of his life loyally serving his Order. It was only when he became older and began to spent more time learning the history and origins of the Order that he eventually grew dissatisfied. Seeing how the Scarlet Empress had manipulated and used the Immaculate Order to further the Realm’s agenda, Brother Degata became disillusioned, and chose to leave the order in order to spend the rest of his days living independently.
Wherever he traveled in Linowa, when the secret of his faithlessness got out, Brother Degata was treated with derision if not run out of town entirely. Still, he felt a duty to do right by the common folk, and continued to offer his services as an exorcist and priest for those few who would consider hiring him. Eventually, he crossed paths with a young woman who would change his life.
Degata met Val outside of a Linowan trade city about a year after the Siege of Denandsor. Val revealed that she had stopped several of the townfolk from harassing him, and as thanks he traveled with her for a time. He was sympathetic to Val’s cause of emancipation, and agreed to help oppose the cult of Rabszolga, god of slaves.
As the two adventurer together, Degata began teaching Val the basics of Earth Dragon Style, partly out of gratitude and partly because the perversity of teaching an Anathema an Immaculate martial arts style amused him. It came in handy when, after being ambushed by a Dragon-Blooded merchant and his elite guards, Val had to stand her ground because her usual tactics would have gotten Brother Degata killed.
Degata continued traveling with Val, seeing the young Solar’s potential and wishing to help her grow as a martial artist. While he was uncertain what to do with himself after Val had to return home, meeting Jian finalized his decision to see the Mad City of Denandsor for himself and to meet the other Anathema who had gathered there.

Brother Degata

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