Bromstadt the Murder

The late, legendary Lunar assassin.


Species: Lunar Exalted
Gender: Male
Profession: Assassin
Spirit Shape: Crow

Description unknown, although his spirit form is that of a crow, and he is often accompanied by his own murder of crow servants.


Little is known of the mysterious assassin known as Bromstadt the Murder. He is a member of the Swords of Luna, and has aligned himself with Ma Ha Suchi. He made an attempt on the life of Hundred Cunning Rabbit while the latter Lunar was rallying the Dog Tribe to support Denandsor during the war against Shattered Hearth. He is called “the Murder”because he is always accompanied by his own personal murder of crows, which he frequently hides in while shapeshifted into crow form.
A few educated guesses can be made about him. Given his totemic animal and his name, he probably hails from somewhere in the near north. As a member of the Swords of Luna, his motivation is probably based on protecting Creation from the Wyld or the predations of the Realm.
Bromstadt was present at the Battle of Chaya, where he used his crows to attempt to break the Denandsor Army’s line for the Company of Talons. While he was unable to turn the battle, he did manage to badly wound Jian Huren with a moonsilver sky-cutter.
He also fought during the Battle of Denandsor. He first appeared to confront Cedrick, Faisa and Hunded Cunning Rabbit, where he grievously injured Cedrick and killed The Dog Tribe Chief Longstrider.
While he disappeared for much of the battle after that, Bromstadt eventually chose to lay a trap for one of Denandsor’s Chosen. Recognizing One Leaf Tree, one of Hidden Mercy‘s subordinates, among the prisoners, Bromstadt arranged to have him staked and tortured within earshot of the city walls. While this lure managed to get Hidden Mercy out in the open, Bromstadt made the mistake of grappling with the snake-formed martial artist. Hidden Mercy was able to restrain the assassin, who then fell to Val’s thrown dagger.

Bromstadt the Murder

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