Brilliant Orchid

An ex-prostitute and soldier in Denandsor


Species: Human
Age: 29
Gender: Female
Profession: Soldier (Private)

Pretty and fine-featured, although once slender with a dancer’s build she has been putting on more muscle due to her profession. Her skin is pale brown, and she keeps her fine, leaf-green hair in a bun. She often wears what passes for the uniform of Denandsor’s armies, a set of riveted leather armour, though in her off-hours she prefers thin robes. As befits her training, she wields a spear and shield in battle.


Brilliant Orchid was a prostitute in Great Forks from a young age, and was swept away with the refugees fleeing the city. As she traveled to Denandsor with the refugees, she was inspired by the example set by Jun Wei and “Dancing Spear” Ping and so eagerly joined Jian’s fledgling army.
As a soldier, Brilliant Orchid proved to be damned by her own mediocrity. While she is fit and follows orders, she never distinguished herself as a potential leader or a skilled warrior. When the call went out for soldiers to try out for Jian’s scout corps, Brilliant Orchid had one of the more embarrassing failures, lasting only four days in the wild and coming home sick with traveler’s diarrhea. Since then, she has persisted as a mere grunt soldier, albeit one with a great deal of seniority.
While she saw some combat during the Battles of Chaya and Denandsor, Brilliant Orchid did not distinguish herself in any way. Perhaps exhausted with military life, she applied to the City Guard when the military was reorganized, but for some reason was rejected outright by Guard Commander Wei. Still, she persists in the military, as one of many able but unremarkable soldiers.

Brilliant Orchid

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