Bright Apple

Owner of the Arms of the Smith-King.


Species: Human
Age: 49
Gender: Female
Profession: Innkeeper

Short but matronly, with a curvy, pear-shaped build, Bright Apple is just beginning to show her age with her chocolate-brown hair beginning to gray at the temples, and her plump and rosy face beginning to crease with fine lines. Her taste is clothes runs somewhat conservative, preferring to wear heavy robes and dresses often accentuated with a scarf or shawl.


Bright Apple was once an aging prostitute in Denandsor, too old to make much money for her madam, but too unskilled to do anything else and too poor to break out on her own. When Lookshy invaded Great Forks, Bright Apple was more than grateful to escape her old life, and join the refugees streaming south, following the promise of a new life.
In Denandsor, Bright Apple proved a cunning opportunist. Realizing that there was no place for the people of Denandsor to rest and relax after a long day toiling in the fields or cleaning up the city, she seized control of one of the buildings on the Gate Square to turn into the newly resettled Denandsor’s first inn and tavern. While actual alcohol was in short supply for most of Denandsor’s first year, having a place where people could rest, listen to music, and eat some decent food was a huge boon to the population’s morale.
In the years since the Battle of Denandsor, competition has increased, as other inns have opened in the city. However, Bright Apple continues to be successful, as not only is her inn located on Gate Square just steps from the entrance to the city, she also holds her staff to an exacting standard. In Denandsor, if you want a quality bed or meal, you go to the Arms of the Smith-King.

Bright Apple

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