The last functional blue jade servitor in Denandsor.


Species: Blue Jade Servitor
Age: 1,455
Gender: N/A
Profession: None (City Mascot?)
Friend of Val

Standing eight feet tall, Blue-235 is crafted of dark blue jade, covered in faintly glowing sorcerous runes, with a pair of glowing “eyes” on the chunk of jade that serves as its “head”. Despite his stone construction, a cunningly crafted sliding panel in his chest opens to reveal the marbled hearthstone that serves as his power source. Despite his size, his model type appears somewhat spindly compared to other forms of automata, especially the much more imposing Brass Centurions. Blue has a twelve-foot-long Firat Age weapon known as a Fire Lance, which he has been known to wield in defense of the city.


When Denandsor fell, Blue-235 had been assigned to guard an automated servitor repair bay, and so out of all the servitors operating in Denandsor it was the only one capable of maintaining it’s regular repair schedule. When the repair bay ceasing functioning around 400 years ago, Blue took to patrolling the streets in search of a purpose. That purpose came in the form of the party, who showed up in Denandsor shortly after their exaltation in order to investigate its use as a potential haven for refugees.
After leading the party through the City of Madness to disable the Miasma Device that rendered the city uninhabitable, Blue-235 was adopted by the refugees as a sort of mascot. With the aid of Blue’s great strength and inexhaustible stamina, the city was quick to establish itself.
Blue also accompanied the party when they traveled to Shattered Hearth to meet with Ma Ha Suchi for the first time. Blue was instrumental in ensuring that the mortal followers of the party made it out alive, in particular the young boy,Qiu De. After Choir of Birdsong helped the party escape the beastman ambush, Blue viewed her with suspicion, until after a private conversation Blue determined that she didn’t prove to be a threat to Creation or the city that it serves.
Blue remained in the city through most of the Circle’s adventures, between the journey back from Shattered Hearth and the beginning of the Siege of Denandsor. For the most part, Blue did what he could to aid the inhabitants of Denandsor. Later, before setting out to intercede in the Battle of Chaya, Cedrick asked Blue to search the city for a keyhole that would fit the brass key he had found in the treasury of the Smith-King’s palace. Blue promptly disappeared for three months while he search every nook and cranny of the city, attempting to find the keyhole for Cedrick. The Siege of Denandsor actually commenced without Blue being there to help, because Blue was busy searching.
He did eventually find the keyhole, and realizing that the key would activate the lift for the Imperial Warstrider, immediately left to find Cedrick. Blue did manage to find Cedrick later that day, with the help of Val, and offered to lead a small team to where Cedrick could use his key. Blue also allowed himself to be warded against Wyld taint, so he could reconnect to the guiding intelligence of the city’s automata and update the identify friend/foe information used by the G.I. so that the rest of city’s automata would ignore the city’s mortal defenders.
From the battle, Blue received a Fire Lance that was recovered from a destroyed Warstrider. While Blue wielded it in defense of the city, since then he has hidden it somewhere, safely out of reach of civilians who might hurt themselves examining it.
Blue is almost universally trusted in Denandsor, and while it doesn’t have a single job of it’s own, it can be found helped out in a variety of ways, everything from escort guard patrols to pulling a plow in the fields. Evenings usually see Blue hanging out in the Gate Square, playing with the children of the city.


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