Batbayar Arbogassu

An aged warrior who leads the Arbogassu clan.


Species: Human
Gender: Female
Profession: Marukan Horselord, Clan Chief

Her hair is stringy and grey, and she is going bald in patches. Her face is deeply marked by both wrinkled and old scars, but her eyes are dark and clear. Batbayar wears an almost permanent scowl, and is almost never seen without spear and sword close to hand. Her regalia is nearly as old as she is- the beadwork accents on her armor are stained and faded, and her lionskin headdress is missing patches of fur. She’s missing two fingers- her right pinky and her left ring finger- and her hands are rough and calloused. Despite her age, she does not bow under the weight of weapons and armor, and stands proudly as ever.


A living legend among the Marukani, Batbayar is one of the few still living who have met and served Naranbaatar the Conqueror. Born the daughter of the previous Arbogassu clan chief, Batbayar distinguished herself in battle during the brief civil strife following the death of the Conqueror, and attained the title of Horselord before her twentieth year. Upon her father’s death, she earned the right to lead the Arbogassu through the traditional way- by dueling her competing brothers and sisters until all the other claimants had died or surrendered.
The Arbogassu already had a reputation for short tempers and greed, but Batbayar’s rule saw the Arbogassu emerge as the premier warriors among the Marukans. She lead the Arbogassu in at least five interclan wars, where she conquered and absorbed the Isetsurai clan, weakened the Tebtengeri clan to the point that they were absorbed into the Mayahiro, and claimed minor victories against the Turrin, the Mayahiro and the Yesunshin. She is no mere warmonger, however, and when Naranbaatar II waged war against Thorns, Batbayar kept the Arbogassu out of the conflict until certain concessions were granted to her clan, including large swaths of Wagasu, Sejong and Turrin land and a near-monopoly on the slave trade in Celeren.
Where many other warlords would be content to live fat and happy on the wealth of plunder and slaves that the Arbogassu have captured under her leadership, Batbayar has always proved hungry for more. Every few years, Batbayar will also declare a “claw-sharpening”, and send her clan to raid against the people of Thorns, Jino, Balgest, or the Arczeckhi barbarians. These raids usually increase tension between the Arbogassu and the clans that occupy the border of Marukan territory, particularly the Turrin, who on several occasions have sided with the people of Thorns against the Arbogassu.
In her old age, Batbayar has acquired a hobby in the form of seeking out young people she finds worthy, in order to mentor them. She has freed many slaves and even adopted a few Celereni into her clan where she saw them hone their skills, learn the ways of the Marukani, and added their strength to her clan’s. She has doted over her own grandchildren in the same way, and all are formidable warriors and clever leaders in their own rights.
Batbayar’s loyalty to the crown is questionable. Despite probably possessing the power to do so, she has never tried to overthrow the royal family, and has even forgone direct conflict against the Wagasu in favour of political victories. But she has also expressed disgust at the “soft” people of Celeren and has forbidden marriages between her clan and the Celereni except for the hand picked few. It could also easily be that Batbayar prefers the life of a warlord to that of a ruler.

Batbayar Arbogassu

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