Baby Xun

A demon-blooded child adopted by Jian


Species: Demon-Blooded
Age: ~6 mo.
Gender: Male
Adopted by Jian Huren

Slightly undersized for his age, baby Xun has dark brown skin, green eyes, and a few wisps of brown hair.


Near the end of Jian’s year of wandering swordsmanship, Jian encountering a woman dressed as a serving girl running from a Wyld Hunt. The woman had already taken two arrows, and before she succumbed to her wounds, pressed a bundle into Jian’s arms and murmured “Please….” That bundle was a baby, who in time would be named Xun.
After managing to outrun the Wyld Hunt and retrieve help from Val and Brother Degata, Jian resolved to care for the child, who was confirmed to be Demon-Blooded. With time and care, the child might be raised to overcome the temptation of his bloodline.

Baby Xun

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