Asief Al-Nasr

The financially-minded young ruler of Gem.


Species: Human
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Profession: Sultan of Gem

The current Sultan of Gem is a portly young man, medium height but bears the extra weight and soft hands of someone who’s had an easy life. His features are androgynous and pretty rather than handsome, although an attempt at a mustache likely speaks of a desire to seem more masculine. While on duty, he wear fine white skin robes edged with cloth-of-gold, and the diademed white turban that is his symbol of office, the bright fabrics contrasting sharply with his mahogany skin and black hair. While he is normally serious, he has a habit of slipping easily between formal and informal speech that tends to put others at ease while reminding them they are in the presence of a king.


The third son of Sultan Nasr Al-Umed, the infamous Despot of Gem, Asief was born to one of the Despot’s many concubines and raised almost entirely within the palace. Asief’s life wasn’t entirely easy, however, as the Despot despised what he called “useless mouths” and put each of his sons to work in various aspects of the palace.
Asief’s eldest brother joined the royal court, in order to learn how to lead. Asief’s second-eldest brother joined Gem’s army, to become a great general and serve the next Sultan. Asief himself was sent to work in the treasury, where he developed a love of economy and trade, as well as a taste for luxury.
Two years before the Lookshy Coup, Asief’s eldest brother overthrew the Despot, using the Despot’s growing senility as an excuse to rally the noble families of Gem and execute the Despot. Eight days after Asief’s eldest brother seized power, his second-eldest brother lead a military coup and overthrew and executed the eldest brother. About four months after that, a number of officers close to the second-eldest brother betrayed and murdered him, leaving the way open for Asief to reluctantly take on the mantle of Sultan.
Sultan Al-Nasr’s rule was relatively ordinary until the Denandsor Circle journeyed through the Celestial Gateway of Denandsor, and wound up in the Sultan’s Palace dug into the mountains about the city of Gem. After seeing the conditions of the miners and slaves in Gem, the Circle were moved to convince Asief to eliminate slavery in his kingdom. After explaining what the economy of Denandsor was benefiting from having public education and total abolishment of slavery, Asief choose to separate out a fifth of his enslaved miners, and try the new system that was suggested to him.

Asief Al-Nasr

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