The commanding officer of the Silent Legion


Species: Mortal
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Profession: Soldier (Officer)

Slim and gifted with boyish good looks, Arom is a nimble-footed man with tan skin and curly brown hair. He generally dresses in the same manner of the rest of the Silent Legion- taupe lamellar armor and a leather headband.


Born a slave, Arrom was forced through training as a soldier from a very young age just like his many peers. A faster learner and more strategic mind than his fellows, he was singled out for an officer’s position when he was 14. Unlike most of the Silent Legion, he didn’t have his tongue removed when he was 16, and was eventually selected for captainship over the whole Legion.
Though his authority was eventually subsumed by Yushoto Lin for the duration of the Battle of Denandsor, Arrom didn’t mind- in fact, having a subordinate role for his first battle suited the eunuch just fine. Inspired by the words of Jian and Lin, he fought hard alongside his fellow Silent Legionnaires, and did well for himself in the battle.
Arrom was with the majority of the Silent Legion when they re-volunteered for the Denandsor military. While due to his retaining a tongue Arrom could have chosen another form of service to the city, he found he could not abandon his fellows.


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