Amilar Rakshi

The former sorcerer attache to Yushoto Lin.


Species: Dragon-Blooded
Age: 200
Gender: Male
Profession: Sorcerer-Militant (Lieutenant)
Caste: Air

Hale but aged, with a tall, coltish build, Rakshi’s bluish-white hair is kept short cropped in a military cut. He moves with easy precision, and his bearing is every inch the straight-laced soldier. He is rarely seen wearing anything but the formal robes of his uniform, and he wields a straight sword as befits his rank as an officer, although he prefers to rely on his sorcerous powers over melee combat.


Amilar Rakshi was the sorcerer attache to Yushoto Lin when Lin was commander of the Lookshy 4th Special Legion. He helped Yushoto Lin and the party hunt the Prince of the Sunset Tower during the occupation of Great Forks, although he played a more supporting role rather than confronting the Rakshasa directly. Despite being much older than his commander, the sorcerer grew to respect Commander Lin, to the point that when Val freed Lin from captivity following his arrest, Rakshi turned his back and pretended not to see the fugitives make their escape.
When Yushoto Lin send a missive requesting help in the days before the Battle of Denandsor, Rakshi gathered together a number of soldiers still loyal to the disgraced Dragon-Blooded commander, including thirty Dragon-Blooded Sorcerer-Militants. Rakshi spent most of the battle at the Fortress-Manse defending the civilian population of the city, only moving to the front lines in the closing stages of the battle.
When the offer was made to the 4th Legion that they could stay in the city rather than face potential persecution in their homeland, Rakshi was one of a handful who chose to stay behind, abandoning his position and a small army of grandchildren back in Lookshy.
Rakshi volunteered for the military, and was eventually made sorcerer attache to his old commanding officer, Yushoto Lin. Using his magic, he maintains the lines of communication between Shattered Hearth and Denandsor.

Amilar Rakshi

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