A Chayan refugee singled out as Cedrick's assistant.


Species: Human (Chayan)
Gender: Male
Profession: Merchant
Subordinate of Cedrick

A tall, lanky man with dusky skin of a weathered complexion, Aliandero takes a great deal of care for his red hair and is normally well-groomed with his goatee neatly trimmed. Since moving to the city, he’s shown a preference for finer clothing, though he’s not too vain to push up his sleeves and do some hard labour from time to time. Like all of the Denandsor Chayans, the red in his hair is slowly beginning to fade to a rust brown.


Originally, Aliandero (“Ali” to his friends) was a thatcher and the son of thatchers from the village that has since come to be known as Chaya. He longed to leave the village and seek his fortune in the world, and felt shackled by the Chayan curse. He eventually learned to bury those thoughts and continued to live out his humble lifestyle.

When the Denandsor Circle arrived in Chaya to protect the village from the depredations of the Company of Talons, Aliandero was recruited by Cedrick to serve as the blacksmith’s assistant while he oversaw the fortification of the village. Curious about the outsiders and eager to chip in, Aliandero put his all into aiding the defense efforts. After the battle, Cedrick was so impressed with the thatcher’s efforts that he all but ordered Aliandero to join the Smith’s Guild.

Because of his curiosity, Aliandero was among those Chayans who chose to relocate to Denandsor. He took Cedrick up on his offer to join the Smith’s Guild, but Aliandero was decidedly out of his element among the massive forges and manufactory. Instead, Han Lo took the young Chayan under his wing, and put Aliandero to work as an assistant clerk. Aliandero proved to have a natural charisma and an excellent head for numbers, and these days he runs the storefront for Smith’s Guild goods.


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