God of the Righteous Accused


Species: Divinity
Gender: Male
Profession: God within the Celestial Bureaucracy

Agho appears to be a golden-skinned human of average height, with combed-back, shoulder-length blond hair and a slightly pudgy look to him. He dresses in fairly plain, formal robes, and always seems to have a smirk on his face.



Agho is a relatively new god, having be uplifted to his position in the late First Age, when the layer of incomprehensible legislation and the increasing corruption of the ruling class lead to a growing group of criminals who wer not technically innocent but also not technically wrong. To address this widening gap, the Bureau of Divine Justice chose to make an office to manage the so-called righteous accused.
Selected to fill this position was a God-blooded magistrate from the Imperial Isle. The son of a God-blooded priestess and Azter, the God of Demon Banishment, Agho had made a name for himself by exposing corruption in the First Age bureaucracy by targeting the mortal minions of the Solar Exalted rather than investigating the Solars themselves. While he did not make much headway in this regard, it did get him noticed by the Bureau of Divine Justice.

Season 2: Against the Tide

Agho became Val’s legal counsel after she was accused of trying to start a religious war by the God of Slavery, Rabszolga. Khiri Zen-a referred Val to the God of the Righteous Accused, because he was the god in the Bureau of Divine Justice most likely to take on her case due to it falling mostly within his own purview.


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