Exalted: The Legend of Denandsor

Diamond & Guards Defend The Manse Fortress

All's Quiet on the Manse Front (Or Is It...?)

Setting: During the Siege of Denandsor

All was quiet as Diamond stood guard outside the Manse, dressed in her best armour, occasionally patrolling around and attempting to keep guard morale up. She would not forsake those who would give their lives for the civilians of the city she’d sworn her allegiance to, and made sure they knew that. They might not be at the front of the battle, but that did not mean they were any less important than any others serving in defence of the city. There were still Lunar assassins present, potentially, as well as any others that would try to sneak in from behind, or around.

After a while, she decided to go to the top and see how the archers fared, when, after a short while, a commotion was heard down within the building itself. She grabbed a group of five archers, capable as well with their short swords, and raced downwards to see what had caused it. The ruckus was not immediately found, as it happened to be in the basement, but within minutes Diamond arrived, only to find the third of three guards, assigned to watch the cistern, being stabbed and falling to the ground. It was one of the Lunar assassins, stealthily doing her job. Well, up until now.

Caught in the heat of the moment, Diamond let off a shot at the Lunar’s head, but missed. She re-holstered her gun and pulled out her own short sword instead, charging the would-be assassin. She sliced at the Lunar’s knee, attempting to incapacitate, only to miss and instead slash the back of the Lunar’s leg. One of the guards Diamond had brought down with her attacked with his sword, giving the Lunar some pretty serious injury, and Diamond, remembering that she was to attempt to save any Lunar from death that she could, switched to the flat of her blade and attacked again, twice. Unfortunately the momentum from the attack was more than enough to shove the Lunar against the stone door to the cistern that she’d tried to open, crack her helmet, and kill her.

Diamond regretted it instantly, but since it was in self-defence, not only of herself but of the citizens around her within the Manse. She knew it had to be done. Upon further investigation, the Lunar was found to be carrying a red dye within a pouch on her belt. This confused Diamond momentarily, but it was pretty easy to figure out – clearly the Lunar had set out to incite panic, and divide the city from the inside out to make easier prey. Diamond cleaned the scene out, assigned new guards, and resumed her patrols and morale building of the guards.

((OOC: Pretty sure I got all the details. If not, NoMoshing can let me know.))



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