Exalted: The Legend of Denandsor

Ch. 2 Treachery At Shattered Hearth, A Foe Reveals Themselves

The first threat to Denandsor reveals itself.

Within the year that the Denandsor Circle spent helping the city grow, the outside world had continued. Lookshy had annexed Sijan, and the port city of Thorns had fallen to the Necromancer King. It is unknown if these events or other concerns convinced them, but the Solars decided to heed the advice of Hidden Mercy and travel to Shattered Hearth, to seek advice from the Lunar Elder, Ma Ha Suchi.

During their travels the Solars along with a number of mortals and Blue-235 made peaceful contact with the Chayan village in the area, and established a trade pact with them. They also discovered a first age tomb, within where several artifacts of Soulsteel that the group took with them for latter study. They also had an encounter with a delegate from the Bear tribe that they left on peaceful and warm terms. Last discovery they made on their journey was a petrified forest that contained a untapped Demesne.

Once the group arrived at Shattered Hearth they where greeted by Eloquent Panther, who told them Ma Ha Suchi was unavailable and looked forward to seeing them later. In the mean time Eloquent Panther invited them to partake of a feast. Unknown to any of them the festive atmosphere was a ruse to an ambush. It is known that one of the followers was killed during the ambush and that thanks to the intervention of Choir of Birdsong there were few other serious injures, but it was time to make there escape from Shattered Hearth. This was done with the aid of Hidden Mercy’s mentor Hundred Cunning Rabbit.

Upon their return to Denandsor the Circle had to decide how they would proceed.



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